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Soul Coaching 

Soul Coaching is the brain child of Denise Linn who is an international best selling Hay House author, speaker, and spiritual Guru. She created this type of coaching to help people get in touch with who they really are and see that who they are is enough.

I was fortunate enough to be one of her students and by going through the program I found out what my purpose is in this life. In fact the only thing that kept this knowledge away from me was the layer upon layer of untruths that have been unknowingly (and sometimes knowingly) given to me by others. 


That's what makes Soul Coaching so powerful.  It's about taking those layers down and helping you see clearly.

This is done in a variety of ways including:

  • Decluttering (lots of great guidance on that!)
  • Space clearing- how your home can effect your energy and keep you from seeing who you really are. I'll help you clear that energy.
  • Guided meditations to help you connect with your deepest truth.
  • Tapping into spiritual energy to give you guidance (yes, anyone can do this and I am here to help you connect with that wisdom)
  • Past Life regression (I am also Certified in that). By doing Past Life Regressions, people have seen massive shifts in their lives!
  • Connecting with parts of yourself that are repressed (done through guided meditations and also exercises that help bring the best of you out to play).
  • And much more.

To learn more about Soul Coaching, click on the link for a free 60 minute discovery session.