Here's what people say about me.

Janice B, MD

Tracey A, PhD



"Michele is perhaps the most wholehearted person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A natural leader, Michele teaches and coaches from the heart with complete authenticity. It is rare to have someone that can care for so many people simultaneously yet, that is simply how Michele is wired - it is in her DNA to seek the highest good in everyone she meets. For anyone wishing to awaken to their truest selves, discard the issues of their past that hold them back, and for anyone wishing to move forward with unprecedented acceleration, Michele is the one you want in your corner. A powerful public speaker, confident and kind, I highly recommend Michele to anyone wanting to take on their life and create the joy they have always hoped for."

Paul Tice, CEO Topa3D, Speaker, Consultant.

"Michele spoke about relationships and the importance of connection. We did several exercises and meditations. Michele provided a safe place for sharing and was able to work with group members to dig into feelings and emotions that came up."

Fran Kovnats, WPG, MB

"I went to the workshop that Michele facilitated. I enjoyed her guided meditations she did. It was very insightful and helped me to see the shifts I have made by being in the Heal Your Life workshop. She is a great coach and inspirational speaker."

Tanya Hjorth, Canada

"Michele has such a fresh and uplifting perspective to share. I'm very appreciative for her wisdom and heart that is always giving."

Jenilee Gomez RN 

"Michele brings lived experience and demonstrates expertise when delivering the You Can Heal Your Life workshop. Her upbeat, vibrant personality creates a warm safe environment where everone can practice the tools she can teach you. Michele radiates the love we all need to feel."

Chrinsine Luff, BSW, Family Support, Facilitator of "Healthy Relationships" and the "Trauma Connection". Quesnel, B.C. Canada

"Michele was wonderful! Her workshop helped me to love the people in my life that challenged me the most. her guided meditations were amazing!"

Chris Banas, Certified Herbalist, Edmonton, AB. Canada

“Michele Joy challenges us to examine what stands between us and our greatest happiness and then guides and accompanies us to finding our own way there.”

Alexandra S. RN

"The timeless information on the subject of the Law of Attraction, the detailed oriented information, she takes and she modifies it and simplifies it."

Jeff, Author and speaker

"Michele is very uplifting and skilled and she shares these gifts freely with people."

Nina, Author

"When you walk into her class, you feel loved, you feel positive energy, and it's UNDENIABLE anyone can feel that energy." Jane, Artist

"She's got an amazing ability to be so creative and just a lot of energy.  She really lifts the spirit."

Eric, manager at Intel

“ This is a fantastic group and Michele's passion for it shows each time, no matter the agenda. ”