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How Can I Help You?

Are you living life feeling like things just aren’t working and you want more? Do you have fulfillment in all areas of your life- I mean ALL? We’re raised to see success and happiness as something that must be sought after. Like we’re on this constant chase to achieve something and once we get there we’ll be happy. This couldn’t be more wrong! In fact, the statistical facts show over and over again, when people win the lottery they’re still unhappy, and often lose their money within three years.

Phrases on how this work will change your life

 1. You will learn that you are a powerful creator and can have anything you desire.

2. You will be happier as a result of this work because you will see that the Universe will bring to you all that you are wanting, therefore you will never feel hopeless again.

3. You will see who you really are and attract what your soul is wanting you to have.

4. You will live with more courage knowing that there is a divine power helping you every step of the way.

5. You will take responsibility for your life and never be a victim again.

6. You will learn to be a powerful manifestor and have tools to help you manifest with speed.

The truth is, life is something that happens FOR you, not TO you. We are in an attraction based Universe and everything you are wanting is only a thought away. Watch this video and I’ll explain.

“I went to the workshop that Michele facilitated. I enjoyed her guided meditations she did. It was very insightful and helped me to see the shifts I have made by being in the Heal Your Life workshop. She is a great coach and inspirational speaker.” ~Tanya Hjorth, Canada



I want to have financial abundance in my life!

Did you know that only thing keeping money from being in your bank account is your thoughts and beliefs around money? Now, you may laugh and throw some hard object at your screen now and say, YEAH, RIGHT?! But I have seen over and over again that things can change the second we change how we think and feel about money.

In fact I have a client who is a CEO of a Tech company who was struggling to make ends meet. He had been in business for three years and was barely able to keep his business afloat. After working with me he went from making only $70K to $1 million in only one year!! He did this by changing his conversation around money and learned that he deserved this type of success.

You see, you don’t need to work harder to make money. You need to work on your internal tape so you can ATTRACT it to you. I can help you see that your conversations are what is keeping money away from you. I will help you see that an abundance mindset is all it takes to have a wealthy life.

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I want to be clear on my purpose

So many people go through life and wish they were doing something different with themselves. They work jobs they hate and wish they could do something in this life that would make a difference and make them feel unique. We all have a soul’s purpose yet so many people have no idea what that is.

When I became a Certified Soul Coach I found out what my purpose and passion was and haven’t stopped since. In fact knowing this is my main driving force as well as my greatest sense of deep internal satisfaction.

Once you get clear, the Universe will guide you in ways you could have never expected. As a Soul Coach I help you see your internal gems that are dying to shine out in the world. I have learned from the best and have tools that will open you up in ways you may have never expected.

To learn more about what Soul Coaching can do for you, click the link below for your FREE discovery session. I can’t wait to help you open up your eyes to YOU.


I want to have more fulfilling relationships

When I became single I hated dating, but knew I didn’t want to be single forever. I also knew that I didn’t want just any relationship. I wanted to find my soulmate and I was going to do anything to do get it!

The best part about my journey to find my soulmate, was I found and connected with the best part of ME. I also attracted better friends who loved and adored me (this was not something I experienced before doing this work).

One thing that became very clear to me was that I needed to become the person I was trying to attract. I learned that Like Attracts Like, so all that I needed to do was get clear on what I wanted and be clear about who I was.

In the end, I did attract my soulmate and it truly is a divine connection! I took a lot of twist and turns to find him and know exactly what I did to keep him away. I saw that I had blockages that needed to be cleared in order to manifest him. I also needed to stay positive and believe that he was coming (and trust me, at times this was hard to do!). When I did attract him it felt absolutely magical (and still does!). I have helped many others find their soulmates and they too say it was magical how it all worked out.

If you are looking for love and want to find your soulmate, be sure to sign up for your free discovery session where I can help you see where your blockages are and how to find better ways to attract true love.

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