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What is heal your life training?

Back in the 1980's a woman by the name of Louise Hay changed thousands of people's lives with her work around positive affirmations and self love through mirror work.

She went on to become the founder of Hay House Publishing and has offered a platform for hundreds of authors to help spread the word about personal and spiritual development.

I am honored to be Certified to teach her work through her Heal You Life workshops.

In these workshops I help people see that their limitations are usually due to their lack of self worth and a feeling of not deserving a great life.

These workshops also teach the importance of letting go of the past through forgiveness and compassion for others AND ourselves.

Her workshop has helped hundreds of thousands not only live happier lives, but many have been cured of life threatening illness that literally disappeared after doing this work.

To learn more about my Heal Your Life Workshops and to see about hosting one, please contact me at michelesoulcoach@yahoo.com.

Or if you are interested in a free Discovery call where I also integrate these teachings in my coaching, click the link below.