What is Happiness Coaching

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happiness coaching 

I was trained and Certified by Best Selling Hay House Author, and International Speaker Dr Robert Holden who is known as "Britain's foremost expert on happiness," according to Wikipedia.

What happiness coaching does is help people be see that happiness is our natural state and it always comes from within.

There is no perfect formula for happiness and everyone has things that bring them joy. The problem is too many put happiness on others and then get upset when those people or things don't show up for them.

As a Happiness Coach, I help you see that happiness is an inside job and help you find ways to keep searching within to find this beautiful seed.

I also help you see that your joy is what ultimately leads you to your purpose and not the other way around.

I am recording videos for 365 days (click here to see) to show people how being in a place of joy will accelerate the manifestation process. 

Joy and happiness are free and are waiting to be experienced.  As your Happiness coach I can help you see this truth. And once you do, life gets amazing!

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