What Can Law of Attraction Coaching Do For YOU?


What if you were told that the only thing keeping large amounts of money, the perfect relationship, a rewarding career and perfect health from you was YOU, would you believe that?

Now I know that may sound harsh that it is your fault. I do know as a nurse, some things are out of our control. But I have seen and heard stories that would make any non-believer a believer and start to take this Law of Attraction stuff seriously.

One of the most influential books I've ever read is called Think and Grow Rich by Nepoleon Hill (It's a must read if you haven't already!) It teaches you that you can have ANYTHING you want as long as you have a desire for it, visualize that it's coming and then have faith in it's arrival by letting go of HOW it's coming.

So all you need to do is:

  1. Be clear about what you want
  2. Release HOW it is going to come to you
  3. Keep your self in high vibration, or joy so it can come to you quicker.

That means you need to:

  • Desire something
  • Then be happy

Um.. Hello?! How easy is that? Your probably thinking that it just can't be that easy. Or even possible.

But it is possible.  I, myself, have manifested miracles that have led me down a path I could not have even dreamed of (see above video).

I am now on a mission to help others master the Law of Attraction and bring to them everything their hearts desire!

The three things that stop most people from manifesting what they want is:

  1. They have no idea what they want or desire (lack clarity)
  2. They are getting in their way WAY too much
  3. They don't believe they are worthy of what they are asking.

This is why my coaching is PERFECT for you!

    As a Certified Soul Coach (to learn more about Soul Coaching, click here) I help people get connected to what they truly desire. You see, this is the problem for most people- they have no idea what they REALLY want!

    As a Certified Happiness Coach (to learn more about Happiness Coaching, click here) I help people get in a place of receptivity so they can ALLOW all that is wanting to come to them. Think of the Universe as a restaurant. You place your order, then enjoy conversations with friends or family, all the while knowing your order is being made and will come to you soon.

    As a Licensed Heal Your Life Trainer (to learn more about Heal Your Life Workshops, click here) and I help people fall in love with themselves and eliminate self doubt and low self worth.

    Once all of these areas have been addressed, what is meant to manifest comes in lightening speed!

    I will help you:

    • See your blockages and how to get through them.
    • Dig into your deep subconscious with guided meditations that will give you clues as to what you truly desire.
    • Decrease your resistance by stopping the negative self tape.
    • Help you get in a state of joy while waiting for what you truly desire.
    • Stay positive and be an accountability partner helping you along the way.
    • See what areas of your life (such as people, items in your home and expeirences) that are holding you back and how to eliminate or at least minimize these from affecting your life.
    • Come up with a detailed plan on how to achieve what you are wanting.
    • And so much more!

    Every person I coach I do so with love and compassion. As a hospice nurse I have a special place for people and the human heart. But I also know that we get in our own way WAY TOO MUCH!

    If you are interested in learning more about my coaching and want see if it's a good fit for you, sign up for a free discovery call.  There is NO obligation and my hopes are that even on that one 60 minute call I will give you a seed that will help you make some great shifts in your life.


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