Thinking Outside the Box

I want you to take a moment and gather up all that you know, all that you have been taught and place it in an imaginary box. Wrap it tightly with a bow and then set it on a shelf called "Been there, done that." Then I invite you to expand your mind to a level that you never experienced before. Open your world of possibilities and tell yourself that there is no limit to your imagination. In fact when we give up control of our world, the universe shows us a greater, more expansive way of living. But we first need to let go of yesterday's limited thinking and the idea that what we see in front of us is all that is available to us.  

I have found myself expanding my mind in ways that I never knew existed. It all began when I gave up my fight with trying to always figure things out on my own. I used to read book after book when I was in my early 20's trying desperately to find the right career for me. I was sure that these books had all the answers. All I needed to do was take a personality test and then be told what I should do for a living.  

I wanted so badly to do something different that I resisted any career that was too typical. Ironically, the only reason I went into nursing was because I was getting close to getting my bachelors and the responsible Capricorn in me needed to have a good paying job when I was done with collage. I had no idea that nursing would become one of my passions.  

A new world has opened up for me with my coaching, writing, inspiring, and speaking. None of these are typical. In fact these careers weren't in any of the books that I read. The only reason I found this type of work (which really isn't work - it's my passion) is I let go of control with where my life would go and instead opened up to the real me and then these careers found me. And it can happen with a blink of an eye. 

For me, all it took was one book. "The Soul Loves the Truth" by Denise Linn, my Soul Coaching teacher. Her book changed EVERYTHING for me. And since my training with her, even more doors have opened. In fact I had no idea I could write! Now I can't stop.  

You have a gift. Each and everyone of you. So, when you struggle and ask yourself , "what should I do for a living?" I encourage you to first get to know the real you, and open your mind to anything that comes your way. Your path will become clear then. But you also need to stop limiting your options. There is so much out there that hasn't even been brought to existence.  

 I invite you to be the next innovator, entrepreneur, healer, juggler, or whatever calls out to your heart. You will know when you are on the right path when your jumping out of your skin with excitement when you talk about it. But if you put a hoodie on, cover your eyes behind dark sunglasses and block out what could be possible, you may never know how fantastic your life could be.