Let Your Spark Fuel Your Fire

You're at the front of the line. Toes jimmied in the start position, hands taunt on the ground, eyes focused on the prize. Your breathing is deep, allowing more oxygen to help you do your best. Your friends and family stand in the bleachers holding their breath with hands held high in the air. You can do this! You can win! You will win! And why do I know that? Because you're YOU.  

 The only race we have to win is the one where we present as our best possible selves. There is no need to compete with others and check out what type of shoes, makeup, degree, or money they have. The more you focus on what they have you are only reinforcing what you feel like you lack.  

 It takes one to really know oneself to stop coming from competitive mind and blossom into creative mode. You may not believe me, but know this to be true. YOU have a gift. And once you find it, you will not feel the need to compete with others. In fact the infamous Napoleon Hill once said in his book "Think and Grow Rich":  

 "Somewhere in your make-up (perhaps in the cells of your brain) there lies sleeping, the seed of achievement which, if aroused and put into action, would carry you to heights, such as you may never have hoped to attain."  

 This quote has made its home on my refrigerator since I too need a reminder that my greatness is already there. My only job is to ignite it. My only job is to find what is already programmed within and then watch the Universe help me along the way.  

 I don't know about you, but that takes a big load off my back! I find what often brings me down is when I feel myself coming from the competitive mind. When I write I sometimes think that I am no one, writing nothing, and that others who have more accomplished lives are the ones who should be writing. Not me!  

 Then I remember that when I write, I'm on fire. When I teach, I'm in my essence and give with all my heart. When I am doing these things, I think of one thing and one thing only- I love to do it. That's why I'm here. To inspire, write, teach and be a beacon of hope for others to follow.  

 I know what it's like to not know where to begin. My old self would constantly try to figure out the how. I would make a goal for myself and then set up every road block to get there. But when I did it the other way around and instead asked myself what brings me joy? What gets me excited? What makes time stand still and keeps me in this perfect place of rightness? Then I just do that and let the rest be taken care of.  

 After teaching about the Law of Attraction for several of years, I find this is the biggest road block for people. The not knowing what their flame is in the first place.  

 Here are some ways for you to dig in, find what ignites you, and let your light shine!   

  1. Write a list of all that you are good at. So often we don't take the time to stop and take inventory of our lives. Or we think to ourselves," I'm not good at ANYTHING!" But when you write (and I encourage you to write for 5 minutes and write down everything that comes to mind!), you will see ideas pop up that may surprise you. In fact my greatest gift, I thought was a curse. I saw the best in people and was really good at putting them on pedestals. This may have gotten me in trouble with my marriage, but it has been a gift I continue to share. 
  2. Spend a day paying attention to how you feel when you do certain things. Do you feel energized by a certain activity or do you feel drained. Pay attention to your body. When you feel energized, write down what made you feel that way. That is a good clue to what your soul's calling is. 
  3. Try out different things and stretch your world. This can be as simple as taking a different route to work, to taking dance lessons. You can start off small then go bigger and bigger. It only takes one step at a time to reach the top of the stairs. But you have to start at the bottom in order to get up to the top (unless of course you have wings, then you wouldn't need any of my advice, would you?). 

When you find something that gives you joy, follow it and don't stop. Don't let anyone tell you not to. They are not you. They may be coming from their own fears. Only you can know what makes you happy and THAT should be your absolute priority! 

 I feel that if more of us followed our bliss the worlds problems would be solved. I often joke with my group members that we will some day take over the world with our awesome positivity! So I start here with you my friend. I know you have a special-ness dying to come out of you. In fact, deep down you do too. When I realized my souls purpose it was like I had come home. For the first time I felt right in my skin. I want you to feel right too. The world is waiting....