365 Days of Joy

On May 15th, 2018 I got an inspired hit to commit to 365 days of sharing and practicing joy.  No matter what. By making this commitment I want to show the world that it is our joy that brings great things to our lives. And that we have a choice on whether we go with joy or fear.

This video series is not only for others, but to help me stay in a place of least resistance. I have taught the Law of Attraction for almost 6 years and by doing so I have attracted my dream home, my soul mate, a book and a rewarding career.  None of these came to me by working hard and searching. In fact ALL of the great things that have come to me (including all of the above) took NO effort and the only thing I did was FOLLOW MY JOY.

Yet, even I forget that it's my JOY, not my excessive action, that will bring to me all of my riches.

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Now, what does joy ask of you today?


May 15, 2018 - This is my first video in my 365 Days of Joy journey. In this video I share with you why I'm doing this and what to expect.

Thanks for being on my journey with me!

May 16, 2018 - My day started off with taking my son to the ER for a kidney stone. This gave me an opportunity to chose what I did with my emotions around this situation.

Watch this video to see how I found the silver lining.


Day 3- Getting Out of Your Pity Party

Today I share how I got out of my feeling sorry for myself to feeling joy.

Day 4- Follow Your Joy

Why following your joy will lead to your purpose.

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