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My Book

After my divorce several years ago I found myself a shell of a person. I had no idea who I was and I had a hard time shaking my boyfriend “Mr. Denial”.

I then embarked on a journey of self discovery and healing and found much more than I bargained for.

In my book, Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart, I share with you how you too can find true, deep internal happiness and fall in love with you for realsie.

I share exercises at the end of every chapter so this can be more than a read, but an experience.

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One of my main missions in life is to help others see how powerful they are and how to use their minds to work for them and not against them.

I have been teaching and coaching the Law of Attraction for the last 7 years and have seen amazing transformations with all who I teach.

As a Certified Soul Coach, I help people connect with who they really are and help them tear down the layers of untruths that keep them from being truly happy.

As a Certified Happiness Coach I help people see that their joy and happiness is an inside job and once you connect with this powerful energy you attract more of the same.

I also am Licensed as a Heal Your Life teacher where I facilitate the works of Louise Hay. She teaches the power of affirmations and self love. Doing this work is truly an honor and from personal experience has changed my life in more ways than I can count.

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One of the best ways to inspire others is through speaking. I have been able to help hundreds of people with my talks and love more than anything when people come up to me after saying how much they were inspired to use the Law of Attraction in their lives.

As a graduate of the National Speakers Academy with NSA (National Speakers Association) in 2017, I have learned from some of the best.

I love to speak to groups about how powerful their minds are and how to use their miracle mindset to attract to them all that they are wanting.

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